About Me

Who I Am

My name is Susan Daniels and I have been married to my husband Scott for 29 years. During those years I have been blessed to have had marvelous support and care during the births of our 9 children. I have birthed in different settings, with different caregivers, but always with great support. Becoming a Birth Doula was a natural progression for me when my children got older and I was ready to enter a new phase of life. I wanted to give back some of what had been given to me.

Why I became a Doula

I chose to become a Birth Doula because I believe birth is a wonderful, miraculous and beautiful thing. I wanted to help other women feel the same way about their own birth experiences. So many birth stories I have heard and read about make me realize how difficult birth can be without good support. Hearing these hard stories made me wish these women could have had something better. I strongly believe that better knowledge of the birthing process, as well as encouragement and support during labor, can make a world of difference in both the physical and emotional outcomes of birth for many women and their families.

This past year has ushered in a new role for me – I have become a grandmother – twice! I observed, up close, just how important it is for new mothers to have experienced women to offer support and encouragement in those first few weeks after giving birth. Some new mothers have friends or relatives able and willing to help out with a new baby, but many do not. By adding postpartum care to my services I hope to be able to help more women receive this vital service.

 My Certification

I am a DONA certified Birth Doula. This certification requires extensive training in birth practices and support of laboring mothers. You can read more about the certification requirements at the DONA website. Besides giving birth to my own children, I have attended several births both as a Doula and as a midwife’s assistant. I am a strong believer in caring birth support for both Moms and Dads.

Please contact me with any questions you have and how I may assist you in your upcoming birth.